FAQ’S and Policies

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My standard fee is: $160.00, based on my professional experience.

For longer, pre-scheduled sessions, I charge my standard fee per hour, and half this for every addition 1/2 hour.

If a session is potentially running over, and you feel it’s necessary, or want to extend it, if I’m able to continue, I will charge half my standard fee for each additional 1/2 hour, or $80.00. However, I will check in with you first, and that we both agree.


Unfortunately, I do not accept insurance. However, if you have insurance that allows for an outside of network provider, I can provide statements which include the standard diagnostic and treatment codes, that you can submit to your insurance carrier for any reimbursement. I am not contracted, thus responsible, for pursuing reimbursement on your behalf, but am willing to assist you in whatever limited capacity I can.

Sliding Scale

I reserve a limited portion of my day time availability for individuals and couples who need a reduced fee. If I have availability, fees are are mutually agreed upon, based your current financial circumstances.

Payment Options

I accept cash, check, Square (for credit/debit cards), PayPal, and Google Wallet. Fees can be paid at each session, or upon agreement, provide monthly billing statements electronically. Please let me know if need me to include specific information, for example for HSA Accounts, or standard codes required  to pursue reimbursement from your insurance company.

Length of Sessions

Sessions typically go 50 minutes, which I typically schedule on the hour.

Because I practice from my home in San Francisco, and don’t have a separate waiting  room, I need to the time we have scheduled. I will set an alarm to let us know when we have a few minutes remaining and begin to conclude.


You can schedule appointments by phone, text or email. If we don’t have an agreed time, or you need to reschedule, I will offer the earliest convenient times I have available. Because I can often get several requests, I schedule appointments according to the order I receive confirmation.

Cancellation Policy

I require 24 hour notice for cancellation of any appointment, and will charge the session fee otherwise.  If you have an emergency, or unforeseeable circumstances, please let me know as soon as possible, and we can determine whether to reschedule, or cancel the appointment.

Running Late

If you will be late for our appointment please text to let me know. If I don’t hear from you after twenty minutes, I will consider it a cancellation.

How Often Do We Meet? How Long? When Does Therapy end?

Typically I meet with people weekly. Depending on your needs and what you want to get out our work, I am open to meeting less. I do though suggest we initially meet weekly so we have a good sense of, and working together. If we are meeting weekly, when at some point you feel you’ve achieved what you’d wanted to, we can either taper off meeting, or decide to stop. In my experience people I work with often know, or feel when they’ve gotten what they needed and are ready to stop.

Although I don’t believe therapy should be simply open-ended, I also don’t believe there has to be an absolute end, severing any possibility working together in the future, however distant. I once asked someone older I knew, that I respected and admired, “What was therapy like for you?”

He said, “Uh…which time?”  His response said it all.

Because of this I maintain an open door policy with people I’ve worked with.

If, however, you decide to stop or, take a break at any time, I ask that you let me know prior, so that we both have a clear understanding of what this means. Not having this discussion, if I don’t hear from you, after a week or so, I will try to reach out to you. If I am unable to reach you, I will consider you’ve decided to stop therapy, and hope to hear from you in the future.

Communication Between Sessions

Having a smartphone, I potentially have access to voicemail and texts at all times. But I do set aside time in which it is set to silent, or off. When I check it, and respond according it’s urgency, or nature.  I try to keep communication to scheduling, billing, or brief questions related to our work. In cases of non-threatening emergency, or crisis if I am unable to talk by phone, I will at least respond by text as soon as I can. If you are suicidal, I will take whatever steps possible to ensure your safety. This includes urging hospitalization, contacting family, friends and roommates, police to do a wellness check, or going to you directly if possible.

Out of Town

When I am out of town for a short time, I check texts and voice mail, and can usually return calls. If I won’t be able to, or am gone any longer than five days, I have an on-call professional whom I know and respect.

Consulting with Other Professionals

You may request of feel it necessary for me to consult with other professionals, such as psychiatrists, medical doctors, previous, or couples therapists. I am happy to do so, but will make sure I discuss it with you first and receive your authorized permission. If the consultation goes longer than 20 minutes, I will charge half my standard fee for the 1/2 hour, and the same rate for any additional time.


All information you discuss with me is confidential and may not be revealed to anyone without your prior written permission, except where disclosure is required. I am mandated by law to disclose information in the following circumstances: 1) where there is reasonable suspicion of child or elder abuse, 2) where there is reasonable suspicion of that a client presents a danger and/or violence to others, 3) where a client is likely to harm him or herself unless protective measures are taken. Disclosure may also be required pursuant to a legal proceeding.

I’ve never related to the idea that therapists are paid to hear people’s problems, or be their friend. From my perspective I experience people, and try to lend constructive understanding to their concerns, based some on my training, but a great deal more on my experience. I do this by listening, asking whether I’m getting the person, pointing out strengths they may not be recognizing. I’m active, collaborative, and try to be real, not pretentious, or aloof. I believe therapy is a mutual, though professional relationship, and, in which both of us are invested. Because of this I get to know, and care about people I work with, and where it’s relevant and appropriate, open about about myself.

People I’ve work with have often expressed I get their nuances, and feel like they’re treated as equals working with me.

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